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Preventing Winter-Related Injuries

Many professional drivers are unnecessarily injured each winter. Most injuries can be prevented by keeping in mind a few simple safety steps:

  • Always use proper footwear which includes a rugged, non-slip sole that provides support for each ankle.
  • Always be aware of where you are about to walk, as ice and snow can often be found in/around parking areas where drivers may be required to walk.
  • Before entering or exiting the tractor, watch for ice accumulating on handrails or steps.
  • Never attach carpet onto tractor steps during the winter as it will accumulate water and freeze into a sheet of ice.
  • Always use three points of contact when exiting/entering the tractor, the trailer, or climbing onto the catwalk.
  • Slip-on traction devices can often prevent slips/falls when a driver must walk outside the truck on snow or ice (remove prior to entering the truck or walking on a dry surface).
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